About Me

Why Vote for Me

With a decade of service to Cotati, I understand our challenges, and I know how positive changes happen. I offer my commitment to community and sustainability, and to a Cotati in which all people feel welcome.

My Story

I'm a 17-year resident of Cotati

In 2003, my wife Judith and I and our kids moved into the 30-home community we helped to develop on an infill property near downtown. Cotati has been a wonderful place to live and raise our two kids. 

  • Corey is a tech professional living in Seattle.
  • Lael is a senior at Humboldt State.

Judith and I appreciate the small-town feel of Cotati. We especially enjoy walks along the Laguna, dinner at Cotati restaurants (take-out for now!), and getting to know our neighbors.

My family in the redwoods: Judith, Lael, Corey, and me
A winter lunch in Yosemite. It helps me take the long view & keep perspective!
Setting off on a chilly day. I love visiting Cotati & surrounding farms and natural spaces on my bike!

My day job as math professor at Sonoma State University

I’ve been a math professor at SSU since 1998.

I also care deeply about excellence in math education at all levels:

  • I’ve worked extensively with North Bay K-12 teachers on math education.
  • I currently serve on a team writing the next California K-12 math education framework.
With a few of my students on the happiest day of the year: Graduation Day at Sonoma State University!

I have many years of service to Cotati

  • From 2011-19, I served on the Planning Commission, and was the chair for two of those years. I supported policies and actions to make Cotati more cohesive, more sustainable, and more fun!
  • From 2010-12, I was Cotati’s citizen representative on the Sonoma County Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • From 2009-11, I served on the Design Review Committee.
  • In 2018-19, I served on the Cotati Wayfinding Taskforce that led to beautiful new signs around town.
  • I have volunteered for years with a number of local organizations making a difference in Cotati:
    • Cotati Creek Critters
    • Transition Cotati
    • Daily Acts
    • North Bay Organizing Project
    • Redwood Empire Food Bank
Councilmember Mark Landman and I can get animated in our discussions of Cotati issues

Cotati is ready to address big challenges

My original plan of running for Cotati City Council in 2022 was accelerated by the death of George Floyd and the turbulence of our current times. This urgency convinced me to get off the sidelines and jump in now to help make a difference.

I will use my skills, experience, and ability to make lasting improvements in how we live in our community.

Experience + Creativity = Sustainable Progress